The APA is committed to promoting high standards of education in Ayurveda. As a result of our collaboration with colleagues, stakeholders and educational experts, a core curriculum for Ayurvedic practitioners was established in 2008, peer reviewed and accepted by both the Indian and Sri Lankan Government Departments for Ayurveda and newly revised in 2013.

A key aim of the APA is to maintain a vibrant culture of continuing professional and personal development for all its members.

The APA organises regular CPD events throughout the year and strives to bring the best in the field of Ayurveda to present seminars, lectures and practical demonstrations.

CPD will remain a priority after statutory regulation because it is vital for ensuring the authenticity of Ayurvedic practice in this country.

The APA is not an accrediting body.  We have developed Membership Entrance Criteria in an effort to preserve the authenticity of the science of Ayurveda without dilution and we encourage educational institutions to deliver courses which enable graduates to meet the criteria.  The APA criteria for granting membership to Ayurvedic Lifestyle Therapists has been created in collaboration with educationalists and experts who have particular experience in this field. These criteria require Level 5 Educational Standards and are in accordance with the UK Quality Code for Higher Education.