Tuesday 6th - Saturday 10th October, 2015

Dr Lad resizeDr. Lad will return for his annual series of practically oriented seminars at the Bhaktivedanta Manor, Watford on the dates above. Practical information can be found here.


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This Years' Topics:

6th October - Pulse Reading with special reference to the condition of the dhatus and how to heal the respective dhatu disorders

7th October - The Therapeutic Value of Specific Marma on the Face & Abdomen

8th October - Colour Therapy - Each colour has different wavelengths and spectrums. Ayurveda uses colour to support the chakra system based upon the prakruti/vikruti pradigm

9th October - How to Heal Our Relationships in daily life in order to bring health and happiness according to Ayurveda

10th October - Top Secret Meditation to unfold the Inner Light

Places are open to all but please note that October 6, 7 & 8 sessions are aimed at Practitioner level.


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