Tuesday 14th – Saturday 18th October, 2014

Dr Lad resizeDr. Lad returns for his annual series of practically oriented seminars at the Bhaktivedanta Manor, Watford.

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Day 1: The Therapeutic value of Mudras. During the day Dr Lad will also lead us in a practice of Pranayama

Day 2: Spiritual Healing through specific Mantras. The day will conclude with a Yagna (Vedic fire ceremony) for healing

Days 3: Endocrinological disorders and the Ayurvedic herbal management for supporting the function of different endocrine glands

Day 4: Clinical evaluation of disorders related to ojas, tejas, prana and the Ayurvedic management of their respective disorders

Day 5: Clinical evaluation of heart diseases and their Ayurvedic management

Days 3-5 of lectures are aimed at Ayurvedic practitioner level, but therapists and students are welcome to attend. Dr Lad will teach in-depth on each condition and thereafter consult with a client presenting with the relevant disorder.

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