APA AGM Chairman’s Message

Our Chairman shares her message for 2021
The APA was blessed and extremely lucky that Dr Lad graced us with his presence for the 15 year milestone celebration webinar. Dr Lad reminded us all of our name, not APA as we use, but apa - water. I live with water constantly at my door as streams, rivers and the ocean. Because of this know first-hand how invasive and insidious water can be. Water can destroy or heal, so you need to work with and respect.

The APA, as apa, should consider the qualities we inherit from our namesake.

To be transparent, cohesive, flowing or solid and to evaporate as steam when needed to land somewhere new.

Working together, as water, we are unstoppable. Let us not forget the wise words of Rumi…

…You are not a drop in the ocean,
You are the entire ocean in a drop…

Now is not the time to break apart to form smaller and smaller puddles because we feel we are different or angry. Now is the time to flow and come together across oceans. Not to join lightly with those who do not hold the same values of transparency and integrity, because in doing so we just muddy the water. This will then dry with the heat or rage of pitta and blow away on the winds of Vata.

Let's flow together and not become stagnant and so stuck in one place, one cause, or one fight. We all know how much Ayurveda should be recognised as a viable health modality with status and recognition but we do not live in a country with a parallel health system, we live in the UK.

As a former hippy turned elder with the passage of time, I personally can see the tides are favourable, and the public are changing. No longer the ugly signet, we, alongside other natural health modalities are now changing into beautiful swans gliding over the water for everyone who cares to see. Because of this, the public will become our greatest allies, which means no point fighting a war we are too small to win with ever changing authority or rules from successive Govt, but rather, drop by drop, with each client we see, each person healing and changing, talking to friends and family, the pond we swim in will become bigger and bigger. Traditional medicine with respected heritage and legacies, will, as they come together in grace, adapting from ice or steam to the flowing water of health, become unstoppable.

So, while we hold this space for all those who came before and for all who will come after, please, let's remember our common ground and community, expanding our numbers as together we become a sacred river of knowledge, wisdom and healing flowing endlessly through time.

Sadhguru in conversation with Dr Lad recently said …

it is Time to make Ayurveda and Yoga legal…rather than holding a constipated approach to these precious sciences. …Ayurveda…must now meet the maximum number of people to become Universal ..Not a religion…Unless we understand this then Ayurveda will remain cloistered…
He explained that in his view Life = Time + Energy

Time …is rolling away for us all at the same rate
Energy …needs to be managed
Ayurveda … is here to help manage your energy so time does not run out too soon …

The APA has achieved much over the last 15 years, we are grateful to those who came before for the Time and Energy they gave to Ayurveda.

Now is the time to go forward together and manage the APA’s energy.

In this way, after thousands of years, Ayurveda will come of age and reach the maximum number of people over the next 15 years, becoming legal rather than constipated with endless regulation or arguments we can never change or win.

Sue Clark
APA AGM December 15th, 2020

SUE CLARK is a member of the APA committee. For Sue, Ayurveda – continually learning, teaching, practising, and serving as committee member on the APA - has become a life journey.
Website: myayurveda.co.uk

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