APA March 2021 Newsletter

This is the third edition of the Newsletter and I would like to say again, a big thank you to the contributors.

This spring edition is similarly packed with articles, news items and book reviews as well as a veritable feast of up-and-coming virtual events.

For those wishing to submit material for the next edition, articles are not limited to purely Ayurvedic or herbal matters. If you have any interesting tales (particularly accompanied by images and graphics),we will always try to consider them. The deadline for the next edition is May 10th. The best part is that successful articles count toward CPD points!

For those discovering the Newsletter for the first time, the APA website allows members to access all back issues.

If you feel you would like to contribute to the next edition please get in touch.

Andrew is the APA newsletter Editor and is looking forward to working with APA members. We are in good hands as he already edits The Herbalist Magazine and is an author of many books including Rasa Shastra - The Hidden Art of Medical Alchemy which is a fascinating read. Andrew came to Ayurfest and gave a practical Ayurvedic alchemy demonstration when we all got to play and make Pravala Pisti.


  • Letter from the Editor
  • Ayurveda and Spring - the Season of Kapha
  • European Congress for Integrative Medicine
  • Fragrances of the Soul: The Attari Tradition of Therapeutic Perfume
  • Asparagus & Radishes with Fresh Mint & Miso-Yogurt recipe
  • APA up and coming events 2021
  • Mental Health Boost Camp
  • Atmashatkam
  • Cholesterol - An Ayurvedic Perspective
  • Western Herbs from an Ayurvedic Perspective
  • APA Webinar Reviews 2021
  • Photo Credits, Cartoons and note from Sue
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