APA Autumn 2020 Newsletter

Thanks to all the new APA committee members and those who have stepped down for their hard work and commitment to the APA. Renee as President steered the APA towards a larger membership and a wonderful event bringing us all together at Ayurfest. John, as lay member, shared his wisdom for so many years. Faith, Sarah and Raishath have also left to concentrate more on their own businesses. We are very grateful, and wish all who have been part of the committee, good luck in their future endeavours.

Everyone gives their time freely, and the APA as an organisation is grateful for this dedication to Ayurveda, a heartfelt thanks to all APA committee past and present. The APA tries very hard to work for members, but this does not always mean things get done you need, the flurry of questions to the office on how to act over Covid restrictions may have seemed as if we were not quick enough to answer. Whereas in reality this has been an extraordinary year that no one ever imagined and therefore definitive answers were, and still are, difficult to provide over changing Government restrictions and Covid policies.

We are grateful for your patience and perseverance in an ever changing world and thanks to everyone who sent information to share. As a practical Thank You APA subscriptions will not now be due until June 2021, which means 50% off in recognition of how little we have all been able to practice. More details will be sent out in December.

As we go forward together, please, let's communicate more. There are so many in the wider world ready to undermine complimentary practices and we all know that Ayurveda holds so much wisdom for a society and health system in turmoil. However, to be able to help, we all need to stand strongly together in 2021. Going forward the new committee will need your help and support, so talk to us, your APA representatives and share your visions for Ayurveda in the UK.

As a start to communicating more the Newsletter will now be every 2 months with Andrew Mason as editor. It will give you all a regular platform to share things important and your contributions will count towards CPD. Share your ideas, recipes, herb tips or availability, visions, books...all without going through the APA office. Once a year to announce the AGM the newsletter will be printed, all others will be digital.

Please contribute, read, share and look out for the next edition in January. We notice so many emails sent from the APA office are never opened, yes, we are all busy, but the APA is the organisation you pay to belong to, so let's make it work for everyone and show anyone looking from the outside that Ayurveda in the UK is stronger than ever and here to stay. Written on behalf of everyone on the APA committee.

For those discovering the Newsletter for the first time, be aware that our website also allows members to access back issues of this magazine.

If you feel you would like to contribute to the next edition please get in touch.

Andrew is the APA newsletter Editor and is looking forward to working with APA members. We are in good hands as he already edits The Herbalist Magazine and is an author of many books including Rasa Shastra - The Hidden Art of Medical Alchemy which is a fascinating read. Andrew came to Ayurfest and gave a practical Ayurvedic alchemy demonstration when we all got to play and make Pravala Pisti.


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