Ayurvedic Alchemy: A Practical Introduction to Preparing Healing Medicines

From Mon, 15 Aug 2022, 18:00 until Wed, 17 Aug 2022, 15:00 BST

EarthSpirit Centre, Peak Lane, Compton Dundon, Somerset. TA11 6PE

This is a unique workshop to get hands-on experience of Rasa Shastra - the Indian art of alchemy.

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Rasa Shastra is the hidden tradition of Ayurvedic alchemy.

During the workshop, Andrew will decode some of the mysteries surrounding herbo-mineral-metallic medicines used in the Ayurvedic tradition.

The workshop will go through a detailed exploration of the alchemical purification practices used to enhance the therapeutic potency of metals, minerals and gemstones and the philosophy of Ayurvedic alchemy.

It will be hands-on experience so you will be making and processing medicines yourself.

You will learn how to process preparations using metals, minerals, plants & animals and how they are used as medicines.

We will be making medicines such as serpentine to strengthen the heart and the brain, pyrite to improve vision, gunja to prevent and restore hair loss, brahmi ghee to heighten intelligence. These alchemical medicines were used to heal patients but also for the practitioners to acquire the secrets of longevity and even immortality.

Andrew will demystify the processes conceived by the masters of this ancient science so you can continue in this time-honoured tradition medicine.

This is an experience you will not find anywhere else in the Western world.

No prior experience of alchemy or herbal medicine is required. It is open to all to attend and keep this vital tradition alive!

If you have any questions please get in touch.

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About Andrew

Andrew Mason is an expert in Eastern Alchemy. He started studying holistic medicine 20 years ago and completed his training as an Ayurveda practitioner in 2006. He then undertook a unique and intensive apprenticeship in the east, learning the closely guarded processes involved in the manufacturing of these ancient remedies.

Since his return to the U.K., Andrew has undertaken the task of recording and cataloguing these traditional processes, preserving these techniques which in some cases would have remained as a tenuous oral tradition.

For more information please visit: neterapublishing.com or youtube.com/user/Neteralchemy.

About EarthSpirit Centre

The workshop will take place at the EarthSpirit Centre.

Just five miles from Glastonbury, on the edge of Compton Dundon village in Somerset, EarthSpirit lies within the 'temenos' (sacred enclosure) of Avalon.

The centre is situated in a beautiful landscape between two nature reserves; and just two minutes walk from St Andrew's church, which has within its cemetery a yew tree of 1,800 years old. The seventeenth century farm buildings have been restored and specially converted for use as a venue. They are set within seven acres of fields and gardens.

The complex is based around a converted 52' (15.5m) long barn, with oak timbers, reed torching (lining the inside of the roof) and stone walls. The feeling is medieval, but with modern comforts such as under-floor heating and a large woodstove. The high roof and skylights create a light, airy atmosphere.

Organic, vegetarian meals and accomodation are included in the workshop price with a supplement for single and/or en-suite rooms.

"The food at EarthSpirit has a well deserved reputation and is loved by the participants. It is an integral part of the experience of being there. It is delicious, healthy, nourishing and varied. The cooks are creative and present the food beautifully." Jan Day, Group Faciliator

EarthSpirit are happy to cater to your requirements and enjoy doing so. All food is vegetarian, drawing inspiration from modern world cuisine. Garden produce is used when available including green salads and culinary herbs. They source local suppliers for their ingredients whenever possible. They can also cater for special diets (allergies/intolerances, vegan etc.) on request and for a small supplement.

Proposed Agenda

Day 1: Arrival, connect and learn about rasashastra and why it is important.

Day 2: Practical (hands on session). Participants will spend the day preparing a number of base materials including:

  • Conch shell, cuttlefish bone, pearls and mother of pearl (animal products)
  • Serpentine, sulphur, pyrite, shilajit (mineral products)
  • Zinc and iron (metal products)
  • Guggulu, crab eye peas (plants)
  • Medicated ghee, oils and collyriums (animal and herbal products).

Day 3: Morning will finish up outstanding preparations, summary and clean up.

Participants should wear appropriate clothing, as processing can be messy.

Safety equipment will be provided if necessary. Everyone is encouraged to participate as much as possible, but there is no requirement to prepare these medicines.

Please note: workshops proceed at the pace of participants so the above materials may or may not be covered depending upon the pace of the class. The organiser also reserves the right to change the materials as they see fit on the day.

Andrew Mason Ayurvedic Alchemy
APA Webinar with Andrew Mason, an expert in Eastern Alchemy

From Mon, 15 Aug 2022, 18:00 until Wed, 17 Aug 2022, 15:00 BST

EarthSpirit Centre
Peak Lane
Compton Dundon
TA11 6PE

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Andrew Mason Ayurvedic Alchemy
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