APA Webinar Review: Ayurveda in Yoga Teaching

Tarik Dervish Webinar Review

Tarik explained that applying Yoga with an Ayurvedic approach adds gentleness, richness, integrity and intelligence to the practice that
otherwise could be overlooked. So how can Ayurveda be applied to Yoga teaching? When planning a Yoga practice for a client, one could
consider the following points:

  • Locations where Doshas are seated, where they move and related functions
  • The qualities of the Gunas that highlight Vikrti in location.
  • The strength of the Agni and the formation of Ama, e.g., many asanas are recommended for Agni Deepana, and equally, one should not do a very dynamic practice of one has a lot of Ama.
  • Awareness of the time and the environment and how these impact on the above.
  • Practices that account for the season and astrological configurations, following the sun, moon cycles, solstices and equinoxes.

It is also essential to focus on the Vata Dosha and how it impacts health and wellbeing e.g.

  • Awareness of the five sites and directions of Vata: Prana, Apana, Samana, Udana, Vyana.
  • Understanding the primary and secondary seats of Vata: colon, hips, lower back, lower body, joints
    and bone.
  • Understanding of Gunas that characterise Vata: dry, cold, moving, subtle, rough, light.

Tarik has also explained how different groups of Asanas could impact the Doshas, e.g., backbends being stimulating, heating, increasing Pitta Dosha and forward bends being grounding, stabilizing and balancing Vata Dosha. He has also shared a lot of relevant guidance on working with a client introducing more subtle Yogic practices, including Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Tantric techniques if/and when appropriate.

In case you have missed this webinar but would like to watch a replay, then please visit the eventbrite webinar page.

Those who would like to study more on Ayurveda in Yoga teaching might want to read Tarik’s book titled: ‘Ayurveda in Yoga Teaching (Yoga Teaching Guides)’, which is available on Amazon. I also recommend visiting Tarik’s website yogawell.co.uk.

Karolina Raczyńska

Ayur ~ Life. Veda ~ Science or Knowledge.