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ADDRESS: Ayuwave London. 57 Wimpole Street Marylebone London W1G8YW United Kingdom

TEL: 07554 005190

EMAIL: dr.vijay@ayuwave.com

WEBSITE: https://www.murthyclinic.com/

What are the benefits of consulting Dr.Vijay Murthy?

You will gain insights into your overall health and wellbeing from both the functional perspective to medicine and Ayurveda.

You will learn how to manage your sugar levels, how to regulate your hormones, how to manage cholesterol, reducing cardio vascular risks, prevent or manage chronic illnesses including cancer through nutrition and lifestyle.

You will receive recommendations for improving your energy levels, improve quality of sleep, manage weight, overcome stress through diet and lifestyle.

You will be given specific dietary guidelines including intermittent fasting, ketogenic diet, low carb or slow carb diet, plant-based nutrition, alkalinising diets and detoxification diets.

You will be advised on specific forms of breathing and stress management approaches.

You will be guided on specific forms of exercises for your body type.

You will be advised high nutrient antioxidants available through food, spices, nutritional supplements and Ayurvedic remedies.

You will be given advice on how to avoid environmental toxins and detoxify heavy metals.

The consultation with Dr.Vijay Murthy will take into to account the entire person and not just treating symptoms.

The consultation with Dr.Vijay Murthy will help in prevention, early detection of chronic diseases and holistic intervention.

Consulting Dr. Vijay Murthy will help you address your current health issues as well as achieving long term health and wellbeing for you and your family.

Dr.Vijay Murthy will assess you by health history, clinical examination and Ayurvedic tests to determine the following;

  • Gut health, leaky gut and digestive function
  • Presence of toxic metals
  • Exposure to environmental toxins
  • Liver function
  • Thyroid function
  • Toxic load
  • Presence of viruses, parasites, fungus
  • Food intolerances
  • Oestrogen dominance
  • Impact of stress on health and wellbeing
  • Risk factors for chronic diseases

Your consultation with Dr.Vijay Murthy

Upon booking an appointment with Dr.Vijay Murthy you will fill out a detailed health questionnaire prior to the appointment date and email it to dr.vijay@ayuwave.com

Dr.Vijay Murthy may suggest certain specific blood tests prior to the appointment if needed. You are encouraged to bring your recent blood test results as well as previous medical records where available. Blood tests to check glucose level, Vitamin D levels, thyroid function, iron, liver function, cholesterol are helpful to gain an overall picture.

In your consultation, Dr.Vijay Murthy will conduct a comprehensive holistic assessment of your health status and measure your health and wellbeing indicators alongside correlating these to your health history and medical records. Dr.Vijay Murthy will review your medications, nutritional supplements, natural remedies including Ayurvedic medicines.

During your consultation, Dr.Vijay Murthy will go through your health questionnaire, health history, medical records and test reports. Followed by the consultation, you will receive guidelines on foods, dietary changes, intermittent fasting, lifestyle changes, breathing techniques, guidelines on nutritional supplements, ayurvedic remedies, detoxification suggestions as may be necessary for your individual case.

Screening & Assessments during your consultation

Dr.Vijay Murthy will perform Ayuwave Heart Rate Variability Health Index Screening alongside traditional Ayurvedic analysis. The assessment will offer you the following;

Ayuwave Ltd - Dr.Vijay Murthy BAMS, B.Nat, MS (Ayu), MPH, PhD

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