Claire Paphitis

ADDRESS: The Ayurveda Coach Gazelli House 174 Walton Street London London SW3 2JL United Kingdom

TEL: 07305573549



​I'm Claire - a fully qualified Ayurvedic Consultant and Author of 'Balance Your Agni' - An Essential Guide to Ayurveda' (Ebury Press/Penguin Random House). I was trained by some of the foremost Ayurvedic Doctors in Europe at the highly respected Ayurveda Institute UK, where I graduated with High Distinction. ​ ​In creating The Ayurveda Coach, I wanted to provide patients with a trusted place they could turn for Ayurvedic advice and healing. When you begin your healing journey with me you will receive expert treatment: a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan tailored specifically to you - along with a prescription for specialised Ayurvedic herbs / oils or tonics to support your body on its path to restored health and balance. ​ Specialising in treating a range of disorders from Anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues, hormonal and menopause issues, skin disorders and weight-loss. Virtual and in-person consultations are available. Evening and weekend appointments on request.

Ayur~ meaning Life. ~Veda meaning Science or Knowledge.