Sari Sabetian

ADDRESS: Five Elements Silverwell Truro Cornwall TR4 8JE United Kingdom

TEL: 07507 340289



Oli and Sari Sabetian are Ayurvedic Practitioners trained to Masters level. They are based near St. Agnes in the Truro area of Cornwall. They own Five Elements, an award winning selection of properties on 16 acres of land overlooking a nature reserve in Cornwall. They currently offer - Ayurveda consultations and treatments- Ayurvedic Panchakarma residential and non-residential treatment programmes- Yoga retreats & Classes- Ayurvedic workshops; anything from Ayurvedic cooking, fundamental principles of Ayurveda, making Ayurvedic medicinal preparations, Ayurvedic daily health routines (Dinacharya), to in-depth Clinical & Ayurvedic diagnostic methods training.As well as being an educator, Oli specialises in diagnostics - with an uncanny ability to unravel and diagnose a patients' presenting complaint with great compassion during a consultation. Oli uses a combination of tools; Ayurvedic questioning techniques including counselling, clinical diagnostics, Ayurvedic diagnostics, as well as Medical Jyotish (medical astrology). Oli also specialises in Ayurvedic panchakarma techniques and treatments (Ayurvedic detoxification regimens).In addition to being an Ayurvedic practitioner, Sari is also a qualified yoga teacher, Aromatherapist and Doula (supportive birthing companion). With decades of experience as a massage therapist, Sari also specialises Ayurvedic Panchakarma techniques and treatments.

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Ayur~ meaning Life. ~Veda meaning Science or Knowledge.