RAISHATH SABEEL - Dr. (Ayurveda)

ADDRESS: Liverpool Ayurveda and Herbs Clinic 92 Lawrence Road Wavetree Liverpool Merseyside L15 0EQ United Kingdom

TEL: 07421692197

EMAIL: raishathsabeel@gmail.com

WEBSITE: https://www.facebook.com/Liverpool-Ayurveda-And-Herbs-Clinic-104660454260605/

What to expect during a consultation?Ayurveda, meaning “the science of life” is a healing system. The main aim of an ayurvedic practitioner is to balance the equilibrium of three bio-energies called ‘Thri Doshas’ which run throughout the body. According to this holistic healing therapy, when ‘Thri doshas’ are in balance body is healthy and when they are in imbalance, our body is in discomfort or dis-ease. So, the role of an ayurvedic practitioner is to help with regaining of the equilibrium which would subsequently reduce pain or any discomfort and help you in your journey towards wellness.During the initial consultation lasting an hour or longer, the practitioner listens and analyses your detailed case history, diet, lifestyle, mental and emotional states. You may also be asked to have pulse and tongue or other forms of relevant body examinations. After that the practitioner will create a tailor made programme to treat your symptoms, restore balance in the body and improve health. This may vary from a talking therapy, herbal supplements or physical treatments. Please look into services for more details.Specialist areasPersonal health and wellnessChronic illnessesServicesAssessment of personal health and wellness; Pulse & tongue analysis to determine doshic constitution (ayurvedic body type) and present imbalance.Ayurvedic diagnosis and approaches towards various conditions such as eating disorders, constipation, IBS, obesity, hormonal issues, infertility, PCOS, migraine, sinusitis, stress & anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, sciatica, back pain, frozen shoulder, arthritis, neck pain & stiffness, skin conditions, respiratory complaints, asthma and allergy.Personalised advice on diet, daily routines and seasonal regimens.Specific advice on yoga poses, exercise, mindfulness and breathing practices or Pranayama.Advice on healthier life styles.Detoxification and healing therapies recommendations.Ayurvedic massage and marma puncture

Ayur~ meaning Life. ~Veda meaning Science or Knowledge.