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The APA proudly represents qualified and insured Ayurvedic practitioners, Ayurvedic therapists and students of Ayurveda in the UK.

Here you can learn about Ayurveda, find a practitioner or therapist in your area, become an APA member and find out about our CPD events. You can also read articles and blogs relevant to Ayurveda. 

      AyurFest 2019    

Join us for the APA's first AyurFest event - a weekend gathering of Ayurveda and Yoga practitioners, therapists, teachers and enthusiasts at a breathtaking location near Glastonbury, UK.

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The APA is a unifying professional association established in 2005 and we welcome professionals and students who wish to join the APA, anyone who would like to take part in our events and interest from other professionals, organisations and publications. Visit our Membership Requirements page to find out more about becoming a member.