APA Webinar ~ Ayurvedic Treatment Protocols with the use of Samprapti Ghataka

Saturday, 26 February 2022 09:30 – 11:00 GMT

Online Event

APA Presents a webinar by Dr Aakash Kembhavi - 'How to develop effective Ayurvedic treatment protocols with the use of Samprapti Ghataka'.

Deepen your Ayurvedic clinical skills and fine-tune your herbal prescriptions by introducing the use of Samprapti Ghataka (elements of pathogenesis) to your Ayurvedic practice. Samprapti Ghataka's have been used since ancient times in Ayurveda to record a case comprehensively. It allows a practitioner to develop a complete understanding of the origin, progression and influencing factors of a disease to treat it effectively. Delve deeper into all the factors – not just which Dosha is involved – but also which Srotas and Dhatus are involved, the stage of Agni, the origin of the disease, how it spreads and where it manifests. Understanding all these factors allows the practitioner of Ayurveda to treat the true origin of the disease and develop an effective treatment protocol.

During this interactive webinar, Dr Aakash will explain all the factors to be considered when drawing up the Samprapti Ghataka's and draw from his 20 years of clinical experience to explain its significance in his clinical practice with some interesting case studies.

Dr Aakash Kembhavi, MD (AYU – Shalya), PGDMLS, MS (Counselling & Psychotherapy)

Director & Consultant Surgeon at Astanga Wellness Pvt Ltd. Hubli, Karnataka, India; Professor and Director of PG Studies at SGVVT'S SJG Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital, Koppal, Karnataka, India.

Dr Kembhavi is a well-known teacher to many students of Ayurveda in the UK, having been a visiting teacher on the BA (Hons) degree for Thames Valley University (London) and the BSc (Hons) degree at Mayur, the Ayurvedic University of Europe (London). He has a wide range of clinical and academic experience, including Teaching Shalya Tantra for PG and UG, and teaching Research Methodology and Bio-Statistics.

During his Ayurvedic BAMS training, he was a double gold medallist and university topper for all years. He completed his MD (IPGTR&A) at Gujarat Ayurveda University in Jamnagar in 1998. He has a clinical experience spanning 20 years, with a specialization in Ano Rectal disorders, Urinary Tract diseases, Diabetic Wound management and more. He has 15 published articles and is a reviewer and editor of several Ayurvedic journals.

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Dr Aakash Kembhavi
APA Webinar ~ Ayurvedic Treatment Protocols with the use of Samprapti Ghataka

Saturday, 26 February 2022 09:30 – 11:00 GMT

Online Event

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