Is Placebo the future of medicine? How placebo works.

Placebo is always criticised as chance effect. Dr. Ram Manohar, the research director at Amirta Centre for Advanced Research in Ayurveda, Amrita University unpicks the evidence showing how in fact placebo is more effective than active intervention in many situations. Dr. Manohar explains the role of seeing a physician, compassionate health service delivery, the setting where health services are delivered and the ritual of caring about one's health have far greater benefits on one's health than ignoring these factors as placebo. Dr. Manohar comments that when the entire medical research is built on muting the role of mind on bio-chemical changes in the body and medical education devoid of compassion for patients, we end up with a dysfunctional health care system. Dr. Manohar, without undermining scientific research and medical approaches, highlights the need to bring back 'health care with compassion' and 'true scientific research' based on the system of Ayurveda.
Ayur ~ Life. Veda ~ Science or Knowledge.