Live APA Webinar with Rebecca Kriese

Topic: Maintaining Healthy Pelvic Organs – Ayurvedic Wisdoms for Yourself and Your Clients

4th July 2019 7pm GMT

According to Ayurveda, maintaining the balance of vata (especially apana vayu) in its sthana (lower abdomen and pelvic region) is fundamental for preserving health. If apana vayu becomes chronically imbalanced, it can lead to a myriad of problems within and around the pelvic cavity, including fertility and menstruation issues, pelvic organ prolapse, lower back and hip pain, urinary incontinence and haemorrhoids. These are all complex conditions that need multi-faceted treatment protocols, which inevitably include herbal remedies and modifications in diet and lifestyle. But what other effective strategies can Ayurvedic practitioners recommend?

In this webinar, Rebecca will invite you to connect with your own pelvic cavity and appreciate its importance from a fresh perspective. She will recommend a range of techniques that your clients can use to either help treat pelvic organ weaknesses and conditions or prevent them from occurring. She will also share how female clients can unleash power from within their pelvic cavity in order to express their creativity and passion in life from a grounded, instinctual place.

About the speaker Rebecca Kriese

Rebecca’s passion to support people to transform their health and wellbeing brought her to the holistic field of Ayurvedic Medicine back in 1998. She subsequently completed an Ayurvedic degree, spent several inspiring years undergoing clinical internship in India and immersed herself in learning the art and science of pulse reading from her mentor Dr. Pankaj Naram of the Siddhaved lineage.

She subsequently began a private practice, together with her husband Sascha, from their home in Brighton. She currently offers Ayurvedic consultations, treatments, cooking workshops and one-to-one Shadow Work coaching sessions. Her particular interest is women’s health; pre-conception, pregnancy and post-natal care; and she is passionate about supporting women to reconnect with their bodies and step into the fullness of their potential. Her other passions include being outside learning from Nature, mothering her gorgeous daughter, living sustainably, and building healthy community.

Rebecca’s current focus is visioning an eco-sustainable, residential, Ayurvedic retreat centre in the Sussex countryside. Once created, this unique place will support people to cleanse and rejuvenate, to reconnect with themselves and their life purpose, and to replenish and restore a deeper sense of trust and connection to Nature.

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